Dear future yearbook staff,

Hey, congrats on not being kicked out of the class! Navas likes to weed out the weak, so the fact that you’re reading this means you might actually be important. The yearbook is stupidly overwhelming for what it really is, and I need you to promise me you will stay organized. I get that you have other classes, but this course is super demanding. Please stay on top of things. I’m a procrastinator and currently am writing this last minute. Don’t do what I’m doing. Learn from my mistakes.

Take a look around you, these are the people you need to get along with whether you like it or not, this is your family and these are your new coworkers. You need to work together in order to have a yearbook that doesn’t have duplicate mugshots.

The yearbook is something you really need to make your own, no one wants a genetic yearbook, so listen to others and their ideas, and learn how to make decisions. Apply yourself and your best skills to the projects you work on. You may even discover new talents. I didn’t think much about photography until I got the chance to do it. And when I got positive feedback over it, I was really encouraged.

I can’t stress enough that you guys need to communicate. Communication really shows when you’re flipping through a book. Pages will either look coordinated, or sloppy. You don’t want sloppy pages.

Yearbook for me became such a great outlet to express my creativity by capturing the endless moments we had during the school year. The regular routine of adventure became comforting and I still crave being behind a camera. Now that I’ve had a reason to take more pictures, I am constantly inspired and have learned so much about my camera and how to use it. I also have a lot of photos I can add to my portfolio.

It is now your job to immortalize this school year and everyone who experienced it. Once everything is in print, your work might just live forever one someone’s bookshelf. It could also be thrown out and forgotten about. Both will happen. All in all, the yearbook is what you make it, literally. There’s a quote from a Bastille song that really speaks to me, “I have written you down, now you will live forever.” it’s something I’ve thought about constantly while working on this book.

The best part about being part of yearbook would have to be the environment you’re in. there’s something really relaxed about the yearbook class because full trust is put on us to make a book. It isn’t about what the teacher wants to do with the book, it’s all you guys, and that is what makes the book different and unique every year. make it as dynamic as you can and don’t be afraid to try different things. Try not to argue about ideas and maybe find a middle ground. No one’s going to like the book anyway so you might as well be bold and take risks. Who knows, maybe this year people will like the book.

All in all, good luck this year you guys, I promise you’ll enjoy this.